January 5, 2018

This Blog is a Sham

This Blog is a Sham

This blog is a sham — but we all already knew that. Very little commitment has been made to this, especially since there is only one post prior to this one from more than a year ago that was recycled from an earlier blog type thing I had going a while back. I didn't approve any of the comments on the genesis post because they were all from my mother. No other posts were made. There is a reason.

Every once in a while, I stumble onto an old, dusty blog where the blogger blogged to an empty wall, à la Rupert Pupkin, and I read the blog in a state akin to pity, as the blogger usually seems to lack the prescience to grasp the futility of their Sisyphusean task.

But now, I find myself suddenly, finally accepting Camus's proposition a little bit as I am currently embarking on the same task — though I will not admit the common delusion that anyone will care to (nor will) read these blogs (and to maintain this, I shan't allow any comments, nor shall I even acknowledge any that anyone attempts to make). I think this intent to merely conduct my pointless blogging task with no expectation that anything else will come of it will actually result in a series of blog posts that'll heroically subvert the typical blog format into a real-time digital journal that'll have value in that it'll be a way to spend time that won't be a total loss, as something will be produced.

The last year, while I know it was actually 'productive', has gone by far too quickly, and with a memory that doesn't retain much, it doesn't seem very 'productive'. In fact, I've completely forgotten most of what has transpired in the last year and a half; I've forgotten what most of the projects I was working on even were. With these apparently pointless blogs, I will have left artifacts that may be of use later, as something I can peruse to recall just some of the what will later be considered random fragments.

And I appear to have squandered the time I allotted for the preparation/revision of my presentation next week. Drat.

So, yes, this blog is a sham — but let's get that boulder rolling!