March 17, 2019

Building a Brand

Building a Brand

This ain't one of your typical, run-of-the-mill self-promotion blogs! Ha! It's more like your typical, run-of-the-mill self-demotion blogs!

I'm not fond of those types of blogs where the blogger blogs hollow content for the self-serving purpose of churning out SEO-able fodder to lure in saps to create some illusion of a digital following to help further a career and develop some kind of meager celebrity.

So, not being fond of those types that blog about bloggin' and building a brand, I figured I'd do exactly that. Here's a fantastic listicle about building brands that I know you'll find extremely valuable. Winking face.

1. Don't Do Any Research At All

You're building a brand, not writing an academic paper! Just start working on the brand immediately. If people don't dig whatever you come up with for your brand, then that's their problem. If you end up coming up with a brand logo or name that is already used by someone else or something else, then that's not your problem!

2. Don't Pick a Focus

Why limit yourself or your brand to one domain? If you build up a following by providing excellent observational humor, your following will absolutely love your constant drunken golf tweets! Write about whatever you want, because, hey, your brand only lives once!

3. Irregularly Provide Content

You don't want people to expect content on any reliable schedule. It's not like you're trying to become a regular part of their routine in any way. Think about it! Your goal is to build a brand so that you don't have to do anything else, so why even spend much time creating content? Just create content whenever you get bored.

4. Don't Care About Quality

Proof reading is for nerds dont worry about grammar or nuthin. oh i remembered that i used to have that book, the sound and the fury. whatever happend toit? did i lend it to sri? i cant member . . . oh and another thing is that if u r writing listicles it helps to do lists of three five seven or ten. don't do any other list-sizes